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AI powered reports that help you win more business, position your case, and better manage client expectations


What can I do with Gavelytics?

Pitch Clients

Stand out to clients by knowing how fast or slow your judge rules, what happens at trial, and how your judge treats discovery.

Manage Client Expectations

Keep clients prepared for the length of litigation with judge timing data like their average time to trial.

Avoid Wasted Motions

There’s a state judge who hasn’t granted an MSJ for plaintiffs in five years. Avoid similar traps and warn your client in advance.

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Motion Analyzer

Learn how your judge rules on over 100 different types of motions

The Motion Analyzer tracks how a judge has ruled on over 100 different types of California motions, including summary judgment, demurrers, and motions to compel–all searchable by case type and filing party. Compare your judge’s ruling tendencies to those of the average judge so you can determine if your judge is an outlier–and what to do about it.

Ruling Database

Perform better research by reviewing your judge’s actual motion rulings

The Ruling Database is a searchable collection of rulings issued by trial court judges that enable litigators to see a judge’s preferred case law, depth of writing and reasoning, and overall experience with legal issues and motion practice. Write better motions by seeing what has worked–and not worked–in the past in front of your judge.

CCP § 170.6 Analyzer

Learn how often parties make CCP § 170.6 filings against your judge

Take advantage of the wisdom of the crowds and see how often other parties paper your judge, all searchable by filing party and case type.

* Only available in California

Custom Data Reports

Created by Gavelytics data scientists to answer any question you have

Want to know which companies have appeared the most in employment cases? Curious if opposing counsel ever goes to trial? Gavelytics’s data scientists use over 16 million court records to create custom reports designed for pitches or to locate the perfect information case strategy.

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"Before Gavelytics, the only feedback we could get about a judge was general, anecdotal information from colleagues and friends. Now, Gavelytics gives us real information based upon how that judge has actually ruled in other cases."

Andy Baum, Partner | Glaser Weil