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Legal Analytics for Litigation Success and a Better Business Pitch in Florida

Limited law firm information and tools were available to litigators in the past to help determine the inclinations of a trial judge. About all they had to work with in the past were available antidotes and nonproductive web searches instead of concrete information. In preparing a case, the strategies in suit were basically uniform and non-customized, regardless of the judge being evaluated.

However, through the judicial analytics tool we offer at Gavelytics, as an attorney you now can utilize a legal analytics tool that can help you gather the specific actionable knowledge you need to achieve success for your clients and also acquire more business. For instance, through this platform, you can obtain essential information on how a specific judge in California has ruled in other cases.

Litigation Analytics for More Successful Cases

The Gavelytics engine operates from an AI-powered algorithm with the capability to analyze and evaluate the particular judge presiding over your client’s case. From that information, the tool can produce a customized legal strategy. In addition, these analytics capabilities can help you increase your business by helping you explain to prospective clients and you can provide a more effective approach to the judge than other attorneys or law firms.

Our Gavelytics tool enables you to:

  • Acquire understanding of the propensities of the judge to make a ruling for plaintiffs or defendants
  • Discover a judge’s case law and legal reasoning by searching through literally thousands of his or her rulings
  • Find out the inclinations of how the judge will rule on over 100 different kinds of motions
  • Get a judge’s career information prior to the bench, contact information, and trial court rulings.
  • Find out how often a judge receives 170.6 § CCP filings
  • Determine if the judge handles a larger caseload than the typical judge in a particular jurisdiction
  • Examine a high-level overview of a judge’s key inclinations
  • Learn the opinions expressed by other experienced attorneys about the judge
  • Find out how an arbitrator or mediator previously ruled on the bench

Strategic Judge Information

Gavelytics is a state-of-the-art litigation analytics tool that can help you get answers to multiple questions about the tendencies of the Florida judge in your case. With strategic competitive intelligence litigation information in hand, you can create the most powerful legal strategy possible.

To learn more about our highly effective judge analytics platform – Gavelytics – or to assist in your litigation efforts in Florida, give us a call today at 310.314.0179, use our contact form, or schedule a demo.