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July 30, 2019, 8:28 a.m.

Litigation Analytics for Trial Success and a Better Business Pitch in Nevada

In order to estimate the tendencies of a judge in the past, litigators only had access to limited law firm information and tools. These often consisted of unproductive online searches and other anecdotes discovered as opposed to real concrete data. The only option in those days was a uniform, cookie-cutter strategy that could not take into account the unique identity of a specific judge.

Now, with Gavelytics, you have actionable knowledge at your fingertips as an attorney to help you effectively analyze the judge in your client’s case, which can also help you land more clients as well. The platform we provide through the Gavelytics engine gives you comprehensive and vital information on how a particular judge in Nevada has ruled in previous cases.

Legal Analytics for More Case Wins

Our Gavelytics software platform utilizes a powerful AI algorithm that enables you to efficiently evaluate the judge presiding over your client’s case. Using this information, you can develop a tailored legal strategy for your client. The litigation analytics capabilities offered through this software tool can also help you garner new business, helping you explain your capabilities to approach the judge with greater effectiveness than your law firm competition.

Through our Gavelytics platform you can:

  • Discover a particular judge’s case law and reasoning from thousands of previous trial court rulings
  • Discover key information about a judge’s tendencies to rule in favor of defendants or plaintiffs
  • Discover how frequently the judge is given 170.6 § CCP filings
  • Get a judge’s courtroom rules, contact information, and career information prior to sitting on the bench
  • Find out if a particular judge consistently takes on a greater caseload than the average judge in the same jurisdiction
  • Find out the inclinations of the judge to rule on motions based on over 100 different examples
  • Learn the rulings of a mediator or arbitrator while serving on the bench
  • Gain access to the opinions of other seasoned attorneys about a particular trial judge
  • Observe the important tendencies of the judge in a single location from a high level overview
Get the answers to the questions you need about a Nevada judge’s tendencies through our Gavelytics competitive intelligence litigation tool. Through our legal analytics software, you can expect to develop consistent and powerful legal strategies for your clients.

For more information about our powerful litigation analytics software more your legal advocacy and litigation efforts in Nevada, call us today at 310.314.0179, fill out our contact form, or schedule a demo.